Tech2Market se renforce dans les industries de santé

Tech2Market and mathieu cynober strategy consultant today announced that they had entered into a definitive agreement under which mathieu cynober strategy consultant becomes part of Tech2Market, the consulting firm which supports / builds innovation and company creation.

This partnership will increase Tech2Market’s local and international expertise in the healthcare industries, the depth of its technical knowledge and its network of key opinion leaders and executives in the medical sector, bringing benefits to both public organizations and companies that improve health through innovation.

mathieu cynober strategy consultant is a business strategy consulting firm dedicated to the healthcare industries advising five interconnected groups: medical devices and technology, biotech and pharmaceuticals, healthcare payers and providers, private equity and the social and public sectors. Tech2Market has a long-standing focus on the healthcare industries and the agribusiness along with the three other fields the company advises (transport, aerospace and defense / ICTs / energy, green techs and chemistry).

mathieu cynober strategy consultant will support Tech2Market activities in the healthcare fields leveraging a passion for medical innovations, a commitment to make a real difference to clients and society and a willingness to evolve and take the extra step to achieve excellence each and every day.

“They are a specialized consulting firm recognized in the healthcare industries”, said Tech2Market’s CEO Benoit Rivollet. “Together, we will be able to deliver even more value to our clients in the medical sectors.”

The healthcare consultancy firm will be integrated within Tech2Market’s Life Sciences Business Unit, and Mathieu Cynober, its founder, will assume the title of Health Technologies Practice Leader, working closely with Benoit and Allan Rodriguez, Life Sciences Partner at Tech2Market.

“We share the same vision: helping business solve health problems. Together, we will be able to advise more companies on a global scale and help to introduce more innovations onto the market so that they could benefit patients”, said Mathieu.

“Mathieu has a great track record as a leader and will strengthen, not only the Tech2Market management team, but also our skills and knowledge regarding life sciences and healthcare innovations. I’m looking forward to bringing insights, ideas and experience together to our clients,” Allan said.

About mathieu cynober strategy consultant

Founded in 2010 with offices in Paris and Besançon, mathieu cynober strategy consultant is a business strategy consulting firm dedicated to the healthcare industries. They assist organizations involved in improving health through innovation, by providing them with insightful analysis and strategic options, not simply to maximize revenue, but to help them solve health problems.

About Tech2Market

Founded in 2011, Tech2Market has offices in Lyon, Paris and Rennes. They build high performance team by creating synergies between their global experts network and their staff. By doing so, it is possible to really connect technology to the market by having the best resources at the right place. They are the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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