Tech2Market : member of the Scientific and Industrial Committee of the ESA Innovation Exchange : When Space Meets Health

ESA Innovation Exchange

In 2015, the European Space Agency (ESA) published its Space Exploration Strategy which is based on 4 strategic goals and which opens-up new opportunities for delivering benefits to society:
• Science: Strengthening European excellence in scientific research and knowledge gain through opportunities for in-situ investigations and the development of advanced instrumentation and enabling technologies.

• Economics: Contributing to the competitiveness and growth of the European industrial sector by pushing the frontiers of knowledge and developing new technologies in other fields of economic value.

• Global Cooperation: Establishing a global cooperative framework to carry out space exploration projects and pursue common goals relevant for humanity.

• Inspiration: Attracting society, in particular younger generations to expand our knowledge and capabilities in preparation of sustainable human presence in the Solar System.
To create and capitalise on those opportunities, ESA is taking a proactive role in fostering cross-synergies between space and terrestrial R&D, and has initiated the ESA Open Innovation Exchange project. Participants of this project will have a unique opportunity to both share ideas with the Agency but also to discover the various collaboration opportunities in the field of Health offered by ESA

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