ESA Technology Transfer Programme focus on adapting technologies that were developed for space programmes for non-space applications. 

The mission of this programme is to demonstrate to Europe’s citizens some of the benefits of European Space Programmes and to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry.
Indeed, commercial use of space technologies can leads to innovative products and the generation of new jobs within Europe.

This Programme works with a pan-European network of specialist called “Technology Broker” which cover Europe’s biggest countries.
Tech2Market is acting as the French Technology broker and our mission is to assess market needs in non-space sectors and match those needs with space technologies.
In addition, our aim is to support the transfer process itself by helping companies understand issues and opportunities. 






Why space technologies can be interesting for us 

Space research is focused on developing and perfecting technologies and processes to unprecedented levels to ensure they can cope with the very harsh nature of space. Technologies and components for space are characterised by:

  • low weight
  • strength and durability
  • efficiency and reliability
  • compactness
  • temperature resistance
  • radiation resistance
  • corrosion resistance
  • High pressure resistance

Market needs and space technologies available can be explored on demands through 12 categories :
Materials (composites, alloys, metals); hardware and software; automation and robotics; electronics, sensors and measuring techniques; communications; precision mechanics and optics; medical equipment; power and energy devices; mechanical components; services; other technologies;

 Is it really working ? What are the results ? 

Technology Transfer Programme Office, was established in 1990 to facilitate technology transfer from space technologies to terrestrial applications and the commercialisation of such applications.  
Since more than twenty years, the programme has evolved in order to improve every process and increase technology transfer success.

 Each year, the programme is involved in :
– More than 20 technology transfer
– More than 50 space technologies
– More than 200 market needs  
– More than 15 events 

Find further information on these transfers on ESA document which explains more than 40 technology transfer or on webpage decicated to success stories.

 Tech2market is available to help you integrate space technologies and develop cutting edge technologies, in collaboration with every technology brokers (MST Aerospace, Tecnalia, D’Appolonia, STFC, Creaction,  Innova+BrimatechTurku scienceTNO….).

Crédit photo ESA, 2011