We are a consulting firm specialized in technological innovation.

We assist you from your early work of research to marketing and selling of your innovation.

Our customers are laboratories and universities, start-ups and incubators, SMEs, large accounts, public and private investors, clusters, regions along with their innovation support structures.
Tech2Market is a key player to your innovation projects, we provide support and expertise in marketing, corporate strategy, partnerships and funding.

Our consultants possess a double competence giving them the ability to perfectly understand your needs and find pertinent and precise solutions to them : an initial scientific and technical background (engineering, life sciences, information and communication technology), additioned to an expertise in management, marketing or finance. The international dimension being crucial in the field of technological innovation, our team possesses experiences abroad in Europe, USA and Asia.

“We have formed a complementary team of experts in technology  and multi-domain consultants trained in the latest marketing techniques of innovation and business strategy.
This feature is key element for our to missions’ success. The synergy between experts and consultants makes possible the link between technology and market.

We invest to build and manage an international network in order to provide your projects the best skills and competences.

We give great importance to methodologies: they reflect the quality of our interventions and are therefore a key factor of guarantee.
Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the company’s philosophy : our consultants are future innovative entrepreneurs. “

Benoit Rivollet, CEO of  Tech2Market