We support all actors of innovation :

Our offers are diverse and specific to your needs, such as :

– International market study for lauching new products or activities
– Benchmarking and competitive positioning
– State of the art / Technological foresight
– Partners or customers research: technology transfer, licensing, business partners
– Audit projects or innovative business
– Strategy of innovation : initiate a strategic approach of innovation in your company (management, organization)
– Temporary disposal of a manager to assist and guide you in innovative and strategic approaches
– Research for technologies or companies to acquire
– Assistance in the initiation of new businesses

“Technology transfer is a key specialty in our company. Our expertise is to support these transfers, for example by advising you on sectors and companies most likely to integrate your technology. Above all we promote a highly operational approach by increasing the number of contacts and organizing meetings.
Our company has an outstanding experience in this field acquired in the context of the European Space Agency contract. We are today the French representatives of their transfer program of space technologies to non-space applications. “

Benoit Rivollet, CEO of Tech2Market