Competitiveness Cluster

Project: Establishing 3-year goals

Results: Results Evaluation of the cluster results and creation of a medium-term strategy

Investment fund

Project: Audit an investment target before operation

Results: identification of project risk factors 

Technical center

Project: invest in new testing facilities and develop a new offer

Results: Validation of the business plan and operation profitability

Industrial group

Project: Research of potential targets for an acquisition

Results: Qualification and audit of target companies

Public organization

Projet : Audit of innovative projects

Results : Support best projects relative to the objectives of the organization

An innovative SME in electronics

Projet : Identify best strategic opportunities for a new product

Results : Select promising market and get an effective commercial action plan


A start-up in biotechnology

Projet : Define business model for the new company and evaluate business potential 

Results : Compare potential models and test data to build a realistic business plan

A large laboratory in materials science

Project : Identify new scientific results for a potential technology transfer

Results : More than a hundred of qualified projects to be supported for transfer