Increase your innovation capabilities with space technologies

In addition to incredible achievements of human knowledge and science, space exploration offers new opportunities to industries as well as to the general public with innovations developed as part of its programs. The range of advances related to space exploration or universe observation is absolutely huge and it is estimated that each euro spent can earn between €4.00 and €20.00 during the next ten years. Tech2Market, French representative of the European Space Agency Technology Transfer Program since 2011, facilitates the relationship between holders of spatial innovation and non-spatial innovations stakeholders in order to maximize the benefits in everyday life With more than 20 transfers in 15 European countries, the year 2015 was really rich for European brokers. Among technology transfers performed, we can find the following examples: a more accurate dosing device for the in-vitro medical diagnostic based on an embedded test unit on the International Space Station, a reduction in the use of fertilizers in horticulture through an optimization method of growth plants in space environment, an embedded augmented reality drone technology inspired by a National Centre for space Studies. Plus d’informations sur : Sat

TEDxESA Space beyond fiction: the space exploration conference

In the context of the first edition of TEDxESA event, the European Space Agency convened the 15th November of 2015 a hundred of participants at ESTEC on the theme “Sciences beyong fiction”. Many renowned speakers as the astronauts André Kuipers and Samantha Cristoforetti, the Chef Thorsten Schmidt or the ESTEC Director Franco Ongaro, took turns to discuss the future of the space industry, but also new concepts and impact of the developments carried out in the framework of space programs in everyday life. Among the various interventions, the researcher Geraint Morgan revealed how he could go from the development of an instrument analyzing Rosetta comet chemical composition to the creation of 3 startups based on this technology and this space know-how. TEDxESA FB banner_05

Tech2Market on stage for the presentation of the prospective study ” Innovative uses of the car and new mobility services”

On the occasion of the PIPAME meeting about "Automotive and News mobility" organized at the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital, the prospective study regarding "innovative uses of the car and new mobility" was published Friday 15 January. Conducted jointly by Tech2Market and Gerpisa, this study focused on the impact of new mobility on the automotive industry, as illustrated by this article in the newspaper “Le Monde”.

Tech2Market supports innovatives companies from french region Rhône-Alpes in their international development

Tech2Market was selected by ICC (International Commerce Chamber) French Rhône-Alpes region to support companies in their international development via the Go Export + program. This program was implemented by the region as part of the SME Plan. This new program aims to provide a response tailored to businesses. Managed by the ICC Rhône-Alpes, GO EXPORT program is a training-action allowing you to structure your export approach and build your strategy to sustainably develop your exports. The objectives of this program are numerous: evaluating the ability of your company to export, define and formalize a sustainable export strategy, formalize an action plan and set budgets, identify and implement the necessary financing or get help financial IDECLIC for the recruitment of an export context. Access conditions are the following: having between 4 and 250 employees, having a turnover between 500.000 and 50M€, being implemented in Rhône- Alpes French region. Sans titre

(French) Tech2Market prolonge son contrat avec l’agence spatiale européenne pour 3 ans

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