Tech2Market : partner of the Małopolski Innovation Festival in Poland

Innovation festival krakow-1 Małopolska is an historical region of Poland, centered on Krakow. This is one of the main active area in research, technology and innovation in Poland, with a high density of universities, research centers, and a growing startup ecosystem. Since a few years, the region organises each year an Innovation Festival so as to promote technological innovation, and to strengthen collaboration between main actors involved in the topic. Linked with its growing activity in Poland, Tech2Market will take part in this festival as an official sponsor, with the planning of differents conferences about technology transfer, business creation and european collaborative projects. These conferences involve partnerships with differents organisms, and specifically with Politechnika Krakowska, one of the major university in Krakow, with whom Tech2Market Polska is building a closed partnership. This festival shows how Tech2Market is involved on growing international market. Referenced as a international business support services company, Tech2Market support in this way the international development of its customer. Feel free to contact us for further information about the planning of our conferences:".   planning conferences-1